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Bunji Dog Training

Dog training that's accessible, functional, and built just for you.

Hello, friend!

I'm Lilly, the dog trainer who's ready to help you love your life with your dog.

When we think of dog training, we think about learning a few tricks in a classroom environment. Unfortunately, that doesn't often help us when it comes to real life!

We need our pet dogs to be respectful and comfortable while they're living in our homes, and we also want them to be polite and confident while they're exploring the world with us. In short, we need more from our training! Dog training should be functional, and that's what I'm here to provide for you.

I'm committed to being that change I'd like to see in dog training. So let's work together!

What my clients are saying

"What I appreciate most is Lilly's ability to ask questions and find solutions that specifically meet my goals and needs. When I would run into a difficulty, she would assist with problem solving skills in a way that made sense."
-Kelly Griffin
Puppy Head Start, Personalized Training, Texting Service

Why Bunji?

Bunji means "friend," and Bunji Dog Training was founded with friendship in mind.

My training style aims to cultivate communication and understanding between human and dog. In other words, a thriving, healthy friendship! You and your dog can both count on me to be friendly, informed, conscious, and adaptive as we work on achieving your goals together.


I will never use pain, fear, or intimidation to train any dog or any behavior. Instead, I will work to find out what motivates your dog and makes them feel empowered! We will achieve your goals while being kind to your dog.


Understanding your dog both as a species and as a breed is imperative to understanding their communication and behavior! I am conscious of your dog as a living creature who is always communicating in their own way.


Information about how dogs think and learn is still being studied, and our knowledge about dog behavior is improving all the time! I'm committed to staying up-to-date in order to be the most effective trainer for you.


There are no one-size-fits-all formulas in dog training! There are multiple ways to train any behavior. I will always be assessing and adapting in order to do what makes the most sense for you and your dog as a team!


Ready to improve your life with your dog?

I would love to use my expertise to help you reach your dog training goals!

Bunji Dog Training

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